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Terms & Conditions

So far weīve never had a court dispute with one of our customers and we would like to keep it this way. If something does not go according to plan, we will do everything we can to please our customers.
We have tried to make our Terms & Conditions fair and easy to understand. They are binding for both parties, for us and for you; and do also protect your rights . Please read them carefully BEFORE you book. Paying the required desposit for a tour means you have agreed to them.
In these Terms & Conditions we (the tour operator) will be named GIT and you (the customer) will be named participant.
We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions any time without notice, however the version binding is the one which was valid at the time of your booking.
Please note, in the following Green Island Tours Tasmania may be named GIT. The customer will be named participant.

Terms & Conditions of Green Island Tours Tasmania


The participant can book via email and letter. GIT reserves the right to refuse a booking when it founds the participant is unsuitable for any reason, or when the participant refuses to agree to GITs terms & conditions. The participant mentioned in the address line of GITīs invoice (main participant) is liable for all other participants listed in the invoice. By making a deposit or full payment, the participant is deemed to have accepted GITīs terms and conditions.
The participant has the duty to check the contents of GITīs invoice very carefully and bringing it to GITs attention immediatly if something is not correct, missing or as assured previously. If the participant has not opposed within 14 days after the invoice was sent out, it is treated as absolute correct. All other agreements, verbal or even in writing, will not be valid anymore from this point.
GIT will only issue one invoice and accepts only one payment source per booking. Separate invoices and / or split payments are subject to an admin fee of $ 20 per additional invoice / payment.


At the time of booking a minimum deposit of 10 % of the total tour price must be made to secure the booking. The balance must be paid 4 weeks before departure. GIT will send a reminder a few days prior the due date.
GIT will NOT book any accommodation before at least the deposit has reached their accounts. A delayed payment may result in GITīs prefered accommodation booked out. As a consequence lower quality accommodation within the same accommodation category, or an increase of the tour price (see under "accommodation standards" ) may need to be accepted by the participant. This is particular true for late lookings (less than 4 weeks before departure).
Any general price change will effect new bookings only, regardless of the time between deposit and final payment.
GIT accepts payments by different methods.

Credit card:
GIT can not process credit cards over the phone. Instead GIT will send an email containing a link to a secure website where the credit card payment can be made. The payment site is hosted by the Westpac bank, Australiaīs first bank and still one of big 4 banks. The participant does neither have to create a user account nor to pay any fee to use this service. GIT does only receive sections of the credit card number for indentfication purposes. GIT will never reveal these sections to anybody not involved in the payment process. GIT will never copy the credit card sections from the received email into any format or list and will delete the email containing the credit card sections at the end of the tourist season in which the payment had been made. Note: GIT does not store any data on a server or "in the cloud".
Bank transfer:
The participant may transfer the payment to GIT’s nominated Australian account. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the participant is responsible for all bank fees, which can be substantial if the transfer originates from outside Australia.
The participant can also send a cheque from an Australian bank to GIT. GIT recommends the use of registered mail, as GIT will not be held responsible for lost mail. Please be a aware that it may take up to a week for the cheque to clear.


GIT reserves the right to cancel any tour, for an important reason, for up to 4 weeks before departure, (eg. when the minimum number of participants is not reached on group tours). GIT will repay all payments in full, including the deposit. GIT will not be responsible for any subsequent costs, such as flight cancellations or compensation of any kind.
The participant may cancel at anytime in writing, but the following cancellation fees apply:
- any time more than 90 days before departure: 5 %
- between 61 to 90 days before departure: 10 %
- between 31 to 60 days before departure: 20 %
- between 12 to 30 days before departure: 30 %
- between 5 to 11 days before departure: 50%
- 4 days or less before departure or no show: 80 %
- no refund once a tour has commenced
GIT does allow the participant to send a replacement person without any fees, even on short notice, when this person is acceptable and the same accommodation and room type can be used. If accommodation has to be re-booked an administration fee of $25.00 per night per room will be charged plus any possible price difference to the new room or hotel. If the change happened less than 4 weeks before departure GIT may addpossible cancelation fees of the previously booked accommodation.
If canceld more than 4 weeks prior to departure GIT does allow the participant to use the full tourprice on another GIT-tour during this or the next season for a rebooking fee of $25.00 per night per room.
Cancellation fees do also apply when the participant cancels due to misinterpretation of the tour offers or when the participant is (physically) not capable to undertake the tour.

Special cancellation rules for non-public supported group departures

This rules applies when an entire group has booked a supported tour with a special departure date.
When the group cancels the entire tour above cancellation fees do apply.
When one or some participants do cancel later than 2 weeks before start of tour the above cancellation fees also do apply.
When one or some participants but not the entire group do cancel earlier than 2 weeks before start of tour, the price per person will be changed to the price valid for this group size. There is no cancelation fee as such. However, there may be surcharges if a room occupancy has changed, like single supplement. Replacement persons are accepted without any charge, when they use the same room as the person who had canceld.


GIT will do everything in its power to perform the tour exactly as descriped on itīs invoice. However, GIT reserves the right to change the itinerary due to important reasons, like bad weather, fire, road works and road closures, natural disaster, unsafe conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances. When the reason for the change is beyound GITīs control no compensation will be paid if curtain route / tourist highlights can not be visited.


When GIT does not deliver the promised benefits as stated on the invoice the participant is entiteld to a partial refund.
If the participant believes anything is not performed as promised the participant MUST inform GIT immediately. On group tours the tour guide has to be informed first. It is important that GIT is been given the change to fix the problem and / or to compensate using additional benefits if possible. Claims received by GIT later than 2 weeks after end of the tour will not be accepted.
No refund will be given when the partipant does not use what GIT or itīs tourguide has offered, like entrance fees to visitor attractions or food. No compensation for missed tour highlights / meals etc. will be given when when the tour had to be altered due to bad weather, fire, road works and road closure, natural disaster, unsafe conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Accommodation standards

At the time of booking it is unknown to GIT if itīs prefered accommodation places are available. GIT will try to book the accommodation described in itīs offer but can not guarantee this will be successfull. If not, GIT will try to find alternative accommodation with the same or higher standard. If the alternative has not at least the same standard as the booked one, GIT will inform the participant who has to agree to the alternative accommodation. If a less expensive accommodation as planned is used the participant may be eligible for a refund. Please note, a lower grade accommodation does not neccessary mean it is less expensive. If a far more expensive accommodation has to be used the participant may ask the participant for a surcharge. If an agreement with the participant can not be reached, the participant has the right to cancel the tour without any cancelation fee or penalty. The deposit (if paid) will be returned in full.
Please note: In some places the choice of accommodation is very limited. This means some accommodation categories are not available and have to be substituted with available ones. This is standard practice and no reason for a free cancellation. If a participant insist on a curtain minimim level every night he / she has to say so at the time of booking. The route may has to altered to secure this level.


GIT strongly recommends that all participants take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover private health, personal accident and other medical expenses, cancellation, baggage, as well as money and public liability. Rescue fees are always paid by the client. The participant is obliged to let GIT know at the time of booking about existing or previous health conditions relevant to participant’s ability to undertake the trip.


So long GIT can prove they have booked the service on time and in the right way and received confirmation, GIT is not responsible for any delay, damage or loss a third party transport service (like courier) has caused
Following applies to group tours only: GIT can not be hold responsible if minor damage occurs during transport in GITīs trailer. For occupational safety, and to avoid overloading, the size of the luggage is limited on our group tours. GIT does not accept big hard shell suitcases with rounded sides or other oversized luggage compartments. Excess baggage will need to be forwarded on to the final destination at the participant’s expense.

Promotion and use of images:

The participant consents to publication, for promotional purpose, of any photos or video footage taken of him or herself or others, while taking part in this tour. The participant also consents to the use of any statement made about the activity, which may be used in the promotion of GIT on its website or broschure.


Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. On escorted group tours GIT may agree to take minors from 16 years of age if waivers and accompanying paperwork are signed by legal guardian(s) and received before the tour commences.


If the participant is renting a bike from GIT the following does apply:
GIT will try to supply the bike with the frame size the participant has ordered. However, even when booked early it can happen due to unforseeable cuircumstances that the prefered bike is unavailable. In this case we will substitute the bike either with one of the same type but silimar frame size or with one of the same frame size but similar tye. We aim to inform the participant as soon as this is known to us.
The participant must lock GITīs bikes with the supplied lock when unattended. The participant is liable to the extent permitted by law for all damage, including third party damage occurring during the hire period. The participant agrees that s/he will:
take all reasonable steps to safeguard the bike from accident, damage or loss; not abuse or misuse the bike; not ride or use the bike: for any illegal purpose; with a load more than that for which the bike and itīs components was built for (max. 20 kg luggage on the rear rack, max 120 kg total load, MERIDA bikes: max. 95 kg total load); in contravention of any road traffic or other legislation; under the influence of drugs or have with an blood alcohol exceeding the legal limit or when it is damaged or unsafe or in conditions for which it is unsuitable or unsafe.
The participant acknowledges that GIT is not liable for any loss caused by the theft of any personal property from the bike, for the damage to any personal property on the bike or for the loss of any personal property left on the bike during or after the end of the hire period.
GIT does NOT allow taking their bikes on any sea cruise with an open boat like the one to Maria Island as the sea spray causes massive corrosion. GIT does NOT allow using their bikes on gravel roads or off-road, short distances like driveways are excluded from this rule. The participant is liable for any damage caused by violating above rules or when the bike is not used the way it is intended or any other damage caused by action of the customer (eg. accident).
The participant has to return the bike in the same condition as it has been at the commencement of hire, fair wear and tear and unforseeable defects excepted. GIT may charge a bond for bike-hire only customers which will be refundend in full after the returned bike has been checked in GITīs workshop and found to be free of damages. This workshop test is usually carried out about 1 week after the end of the rental period but this period can be up to 3 weeks. Missing accessories will be charged as follows: pump $ 15, lock $ 20, toolkit $ 50, helmet $ 50, pannier set (pair) $ 175.
Participants of self-guided tours have to return the bike(s) to the location listed in their route description, which is usually the last hotel of their tour. Bike hire only customers have to return the bike(s) to the location listed in their invoice. If for any reason this is not possible they have to inform GIT immediately. GIT may charge a relocation fee up to $ 60 per bike. If the participant fails to return the bike on the due date without permission, a late return fee of $50 plus the usual additional rental fee will be charged.
IMPORTANT: If the participant detects a fault on the bike, even when supposedly harmless, he/she has to inform the tourguide (on guided tours) or the GIT office (selfguided tours, bike rental only) immediately. They will determine what action is necessary. If it is not possible to contact any of them, participants must seek professional advice before continuing to use the bike. GIT is not responsible for any resulting faults, damages or injuries as a result not consulting the tourguide / GIT office or a knowlodgeable bike-mechanic.
Small repairs up to the value of $ 40 will be refunded by GIT on presentation of a receipt, the refund of more expensive repairs can only be guaranteed if GIT has issued an authorisation prior to the repair. It is up to GIT (not a third party workshop etc) to decide what steps are neccessary to get the bike back in a working condition. GIT also decides if parts will be repaired or exchanged and what parts are to be repaired / exchanged. If the participant wants to have more parts exchanged / repaired than neccessary to restore the proper function of the bike he/she has to pay for the additional parts/work. GIT is not responsible for any resulting faults or damages caused by unproffessional repairs outside their own workshop. GIT is not responsible for any delays resulting from bike problems.
Participants of self-guided tours and bike hire only participants: The participant should be able to perform small repairs like patching a tube or adjusting the gears, at least with our written instructions and / or phone support. GIT will help the participant in any way to get the bike working again, even talking the participant through the repair on the phone. However, only on major problems it may be possible to send somebody to the participant to repair/ exchange the bike. Bike hire only participants who have not booked the roadside assist package need to pay a call out fee if somebody has to come to them, unless GIT is responseable for that fault (eg. an oversight in their workshop). However, GIT will only charge the costs, no profit shall be made.
Where use of a bike by the participant results in any accident or loss due to theft, intentional or not, the participant is liable, without limitation: for all damages to the bike up to the replacement cost of $1,000.00, and third party damage. In case of an accident, the participant has immediately to report such incident to the police and will secure a copy of the police report; will not, without the written consent of GIT, make or give any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release, indemnity or admission of liability. GIT or its insurer may at its own cost bring, defend, enforce or settle any legal proceedings against third parties; will immediately inform GIT and give all information and assistance which GIT or its insurer may reasonably require, including attending at lawyer's offices and at court to give evidence.
If the participant is using his / her own bicycle, we strongly recommand that it is intensively checked by a qualified bike mechanic prior to the tour. Green Island Tours Tasmania can not hold responsible for any problems / delays / accidents / personal injuries etc. related to clientīs bicycles. On guided tours the tour guide of GIT has the right to prohibit the use of a particular bike if he/she finds if unsafe to use. The guide or a bike shop may carry out the necessary repairs / maintenance at the participant’s expense. If the bike cannot be repaired, the participant must use one of GIT bikes (if available) for the usual hire fee, or hire a suitable bike from a third party.
GIT does not accept any responsibilty for customerīs goods left on the bike or in the support vehicle.


The invalidity of single terms does not render the entire contract void.
If a section of these terms & conditions is found not to be conform with consumer rights the other sections are still valid.
In case of a courtcase the court nearest to GITīs office has to be used.


By booking a tour with GIT, the participant agrees that the following applies:
I declare I am 18 years of age or older. I am capable and competent to participate safely in this ride. I accept that I am to wear a helmet and abide the road laws. I acknowledge that cycling is a dangerous recreational activity and that by participating in it I am exposed to certain risks. I assume the risk of and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from my participation in a tour with GIT. Other persons participating in cycling and / or other road users may cause me injury or may damage my property, or I may cause injury to other persons or damage their property. The conditions in which the activity is conducted may vary without warning. I may be injured or die, or suffer damage to my property as a result of the negligence or breach of contract of Green Island Tours Tasmania. In consideration of the acceptance of my payment for participating in cycling (and except to the extent that the same may be precluded by statute)
I Agree to Release and Indemnify GREEN ISLAND TOURS TASMANIA as follows:
I participate in the GIT tour at my sole risk and responsibility. I release, indemnify and hold harmless Green Island Tours Tasmania, its staff, servants and agents, and all other persons involved in the organization of this tour from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or in any way whatsoever.
I also agree that in the event that I am injured or my property is damaged, I will bring no claim, legal or otherwise, against Green Island Tours Tasmania in respect of that injury or damage.

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