Cycling in Tasmania

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Our support vehicle

Our minibus is now almost an oldtimer and not the most comfortable vehicle, but it does its main job, towing the trailer, extremely well. It has proven to be very reliable and -most important- it is registered and fully insured for passenger transport and is tested for safety independently regularly. This basic vehicle is one reason our tours are not so expensive as similar tours from competitors.
We are holding all required permits and insurance to operate it, which can not be said from most operators located outside Tasmania.
To lower the environmental impact, we have invested several thousand $ for a Diesel-Gas System, which gives the vehicle much more torque, hereby reducing the fuel consumption and Co emission by 30 %.

Our (bike) trailer

For transportation of luggage, equipment and bicycles we have our own purpose-built, enclosed trailer. It's unique design enables quick loading and unloading of individual bikes without taking out wheels or other bikes. That means our guests can temporary use the support vehicle without holding up the guests who want to cycle.
Of course all doors are lockable. It also keeps supplies and luggage cool. Our guests are absolutely delighted!
At times we are heading off on excursions, the trailer can be unhooked and temporarily left at the roadside.

Please note that bus and trailer are not available on self-guided tours.

G R E E NI S L A N DT O U R ST A S M A N I A2 Simeon Place, St. Helens, 7216 Tasmania, AustraliaPhone: +61 (0) 3 6376 3080E-mail: info@cycling-tasmania.com